Matthew 16:18 “And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

“And I (Jesus) say also unto thee that thou art Peter (Petros a piece of rock, a detached stone or bolder, stone that can be easily thrown or moved)”

“and upon this rock ” (Petra a mass of rock; large massive rock)

I (Jesus) will build ” (oikodomeo build, construct, builder)

My(Jesus) moo possessive, possession

Church” (ekklesia a calling out, called out, called out ones, assembly)

“and the gates” (pule a gate, entrance)

of hell” (hades unseen, place or state of departed souls, grave, hell)

shall not” (ou absolute negative, no, not, never)

prevail against it” (katischuo prevail against, to overpower).

Note: It is not the “gates of hell” advancing on a defenseless, cowering church, but rather His Mighty Church bombarding and overthrowing the “gates of hell”!

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