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School of Tyrannus
Acts 19:9-10


Present Free Online School of Tyrannus (Acts 19:9-10) Enrollment: 168 Students from 37 Foreign Nations

Foreign Trainees Studying at “our hired house” (Acts 28:30-31) in Winnsboro, Texas:

JANUARY – China (No name due to security)

MARCH - India (Prince Thomas)

MAY - China (No name due to security)

JULY – Nepal (Timothy Rai) and India (George Verges Family)

AUGUST - Philippines (Hermelando Bauza)

NOVEMBER - Kenya (Isaac and Emily Mukweyi)

DECEMBER – China (No name due to security)



This Internet Online School is free, by the Lord’s provision, for all participants and is especially designed as a self-paced study so that a trainee can begin studying at any time and progress as quickly or slowly as their personal ability, and family/ministry commitments will allow.

Anyone interested in enrolling in this training simply needs to email Dan Hubbell expressing the desire and commitment to be trained and should also include pertinent Biographical Information. 

Those who have already enrolled simply need to log on to our website and go to the Alphabetical Teachings to locate the specific Course and Lesson to be studied, then either read/study it online and/or print out a hard copy to study.

Upon the completion of each Course/Lesson, a Summary Review Questionnaire should be filled out and emailed to and/or mailed via a provided pre-paid envelope to Dan Hubbell, P.O. Box 673, Winnsboro, Texas 75494 USA.

“The School of Tyrannus” is designed for trainees with varying degrees of access to computers:

1) Trainees who have a personal computer, camera for SKYPE (a free Internet service) access, and printing capability.


Those trainees who have personal SKYPE accounts (Which is a free Internet Service), will be notified directly by me via email, concerning the time schedule for our proposed monthly calls to personally speak with each trainee for approximately thirty minutes.  This will be a private time of Q&A (Question/Answer) and mutual encouragement in the Lord.  The first calls will begin this February 2013.

Trainees who desire to participate in these monthly SKYPE calls need to email me information concerning their different Time Zones and/or the approximate difference in their time and our Central Standard Time here in Texas USA.  We will then communicate via email concerning a mutually agreed convenient time for these calls that fit into each trainees family, ministry and work schedules.

2) Trainees who only have access to Internet Cafés.

3) Trainees who have no access to a computer will have hard copies of the teaching curriculum shipped to them free via postal mail.  Also included will be free postal paid return envelopes for the trainees’ responses.

In the Teaching Curriculum, there are 18 courses covering Major Topics, which in turn consist of many different Teachings.  Trainees are required to complete each Topic in sequence before going on to the next Topic for a total of 18 Topics. 

This Teaching Curriculum includes the material we used to equip servant leaders on our 30+ years of mission travels to nations of the world.  Now, because of my age I am not physically able to travel abroad, so the Lord has graciously opened this “new season” of opportunity for me to continue to equip His servants throughout the world over the Internet, for which I praise Him and give Him all the glory!

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COURSE 1 – Introduction

                          1 Lesson           1Teaching 

COURSE 2 – Knowing Life Experiences

                          1 Lesson           10 Teachings      

COURSE 3 Knowing the Word of God (Inspired written Word)

                          3 Lessons         26 Teachings      

COURSE 4 – Knowing Christ (Living Word)

                          4 Lessons         47 Teachings      

COURSE 5 – Knowing We Are 1) In Christ 2) Christ is in Us

                          5 Lessons         59 Teachings      

COURSE 6 – Knowing Who We Are in Christ

                          14 Lessons       159 Teachings  

COURSE 7 – Knowing How to Walk in the Spirit

                          3 Lessons         26 Teachings   

COURSE 8 - Knowing How to Pray and Fast

                       1 Lesson         13 Teachings

COURSE 9 – Knowing How to 1) Walk in Faith 2) See Through the Eyes of Faith

                          1 Lesson          9 Teachings        

COURSE 10 – Knowing How to 1) Hear and 2) Obey God

                          1 Lesson           7 Teachings        

COURSE 11 – Knowing Our 1) Calling 2) Gifting 3) Equipping 4) Fulfillment of His Ministry Through Us for Kingdom Service

                          6 Lessons         73 Teachings      

COURSE 12 - Knowing Relationships in 1) Marriage 2) Family

                          2 Lessons         23 Teachings      

COURSE 13 - Knowing the 1) Ekklesia Jesus is building Today 2) Our Function in it

                          44 Lessons       624 Teachings    

COURSE 14 - Knowing Biblical 1) Missions 2) Evangelism 3) Discipleship

                          12 Lessons       138 Teachings   

COURSE 15 - Knowing the Kingdom of God

                          3 Lessons         32 Teachings      

COURSE 16 - Knowing About Principalities and Powers

                          7 Lessons         72 Teachings      

COURSE 17 - Knowing the End Times

                          7 Lessons         81 Teachings      

COURSE 18 - Knowing the Crisis of Our Times

                          3 Lessons         35 Teachings

SUMMARY:  18 Courses--117 Lessons--1,432 Teachings 



After completing each of the 18 individual Courses, i.e., COURSE 1 (includes all lessons and teachings), trainees are required to complete a Summary Discernment Course Form for each of the 18 Courses, and email the forms to Dan Hubbell.  And if there is no computer accessibility, simply postal mail these forms in free post-paid envelopes to: Dan Hubbell, P.O. Box 673, Winnsboro, Texas 75494 USA.

My fervent prayer is that every trainee will follow the example that Paul the apostle set as recorded in II Timothy 2:2 “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”

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