In Search of a New Wine Skin
 a testimonial by Dan Hubbell



"Upon this rock I will build my church."  Matthew 16:18

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Biographical Information

Dan Richard Hubbell was born on September 25, 1936, to Francis E. and Garna Gertrude Ward Hubbell.  His mother and grandmother, Mary Catherine Morrow Ward, were a great influence on his life even as Eunice and Lois were to Timothy in the Scripture.  Dan was named after his great-uncle, Dan Ward, who served many years as a minister of the Gospel in the State of Oklahoma. 

Dan is the youngest of four siblings.  His oldest brother, Judge F.E. Hubbell and his wife, Margaret, are now both deceased; his sister Madge Cooke, and her husband Rev. I.E. Cooke, Jr. who are also deceased; and another brother, Dr. M.W. Hubbell and his wife Elizabeth live in Cleveland, Mississippi. 

Dan was reared in Rosenberg, Fort Bend County, Texas.  He attended the Lamar Independent Schools of Rosenberg, Texas, and Baylor University of Waco, Texas. He was saved and baptized in 1945 at the age of nine.  He surrendered to the Gospel ministry 1952, licensed to preach in 1954 and ordained in 1956.  During his Baylor University years he served four years as pastor of the First Baptist Church of Crawford, Texas, a small town near Waco, Texas, where former President George W. Bush presently has his ranch.

From 1960 to 1962, he served as Associate Minister of the First Baptist Church in Elgin, Texas, just outside of Austin.  He ministered as the pastor of the Park Memorial Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, in 1963-1964.  From 1965 to l967, he served as an Associate Minister of the Calvary Baptist Church of Waco, Texas, as a Staff Evangelist and he traveled on preaching and teaching engagements throughout the USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

In the fall of 1965, he met Laurel Dee Neighbors of Pittsburg, Texas, who became his wife on February 13, 1966.  From 1967 to 1969, he served as the pastor of the Main Street Baptist Church of Grand Saline, Texas.

He and Laurel moved to Winnsboro, Texas, in the fall of 1969 where he began his pastorate at the First Baptist Church.  He served there as the Senior Pastor for the next ten years.  His wife Laurel served during those ensuing years as pastor’s wife, mother and school teacher, both in public and state prison schools..

Their son, Dan R. Hubbell II, was born in 1968 while the Hubbell’s served in Grand Saline, Texas, and David Lee Hubbell was born in 1970 during their ministry in Winnsboro, Texas.  Danny and his wife Nancy, live in Houston, Texas, and David and his wife Kristi live in Tampa, Florida. 

Dan and Laurel have seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren:

Dan and Nancy’s children – Heather and her husband, Eric Nash, and sons (our great grandsons) Zayde and Bentley; and granddaughter, Brianna Pittman (our great-granddaughter).

David and Kristi’s children – Kaci and her husband, Lance Bass and their sons, Caden and Harley James (our great-grandsons), Jacob, Bailee Kain and Thomas Jackson (our grandchildren).

From 1979 to 1987, Dan and Laurel traveled with their sons throughout Texas and foreign nations, teaching, ministering and establishing home churches.  During their travels, they resided at that time in their farm home with their sons just outside of Winnsboro, Texas, near Lake Bob Sandlin.

In 1987, Dan and Laurel purchased the historical Stinson estate in Winnsboro.  Together they restored it into a Bed and Breakfast establishment known as Thee Hubbell House.  They maintained their B&B “tent making” business until it sold in 1999, which completed 12 years of hosting approximately 3,000 guest a year from all over the world.

Thee Hubbell House was chosen from over 2,000 bed and breakfast accommodations to be among the top 12 B&B’s in Texas by Southern Living Magazine and the Dallas Morning News.  The Area Winnsboro Chamber of Commerce also honored Thee Hubbell House as the Business of the Year.  During their B&B hosting years, Dan was honored as Winnsboro’s Man of the Year and Laurel was honored as the Teacher of the Year in the public school system and the Texas prison school system.

During Dan’s forty years residency in Winnsboro, Texas, he served as both the Mayor and Municipal Judge.  In October of 1998, Dan resigned and retired from all civic responsibilities and in 1999 moved to Lake Winnsboro after the sale of Thee Hubbell House Bed & Breakfast.

Dan has authored several books including the following: Happenings at Thee Hubbell House, In Search of a New Wineskin, Heavenly Humor and Letters to the Churches.  Other books are presently being written include an Autobiography, A House Church Chronicle of Experiences, and a Series of Topical Commentaries on Biblical Studies especially relating to New Testament house churches.

Laurel is now retired after her 32 year teaching career in the Texas Public School System and Texas Prison System.

Dan and Laurel continue to live in Winnsboro, Texas, and from that base location, known as their “hired house” (Acts 28:30-31), they continue to minister to the whole Body of Christ throughout the world.  Dan will continue his apostolic calling by helping equip saints for the work of ministry, establishing churches and encouraging existing churches in the United States and foreign nations.  Laurel will continue to be a Proverbs 31 woman in helping support the Lord’s ministry through Dan as well as minister in her unique spiritual gifts to others.

Dan Hubbell

His servant

From “a hired house” in Winnsboro, Texas


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