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Job 3

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JOB 3:1 After this hath Job opened his mouth, and revileth his day.

JOB 3:2 And Job answereth and saith: --

JOB 3:3 Let the day perish in which I am born, And the night that hath said: `A man-child hath been conceived.'

JOB 3:4 That day -- let it be darkness, Let not God require it from above, Nor let light shine upon it.

JOB 3:5 Let darkness and death-shade redeem it, Let a cloud tabernacle upon it, Let them terrify it as the most bitter of days.

JOB 3:6 That night -- let thick darkness take it, Let it not be united to days of the year, Into the number of months let it not come.

JOB 3:7 Lo! that night -- let it be gloomy, Let no singing come into it.

JOB 3:8 Let the cursers of day mark it, Who are ready to wake up Leviathan.

JOB 3:9 Let the stars of its twilight be dark, Let it wait for light, and there is none, And let it not look on the eyelids of the dawn.

JOB 3:10 Because it hath not shut the doors Of the womb that was mine! And hide misery from mine eyes.

JOB 3:11 Why from the womb do I not die? From the belly I have come forth and gasp!

JOB 3:12 Wherefore have knees been before me? And what `are' breasts, that I suck?

JOB 3:13 For now, I have lain down, and am quiet, I have slept -- then there is rest to me,

JOB 3:14 With kings and counsellors of earth, These building wastes for themselves.

JOB 3:15 Or with princes -- they have gold, They are filling their houses `with' silver.

JOB 3:16 (Or as a hidden abortion I am not, As infants -- they have not seen light.)

JOB 3:17 There the wicked have ceased troubling, And there rest do the wearied in power.

JOB 3:18 Together prisoners have been at ease, They have not heard the voice of an exactor,

JOB 3:19 Small and great `are' there the same. And a servant `is' free from his lord.

JOB 3:20 Why giveth He to the miserable light, and life to the bitter soul?

JOB 3:21 Who are waiting for death, and it is not, And they seek it above hid treasures.

JOB 3:22 Who are glad -- unto joy, They rejoice when they find a grave.

JOB 3:23 To a man whose way hath been hidden, And whom God doth shut up?

JOB 3:24 For before my food, my sighing cometh, And poured out as waters `are' my roarings.

JOB 3:25 For a fear I feared and it meeteth me, And what I was afraid of doth come to me.

JOB 3:26 I was not safe -- nor was I quiet -- Nor was I at rest -- and trouble cometh!


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