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Job 21

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JOB 21:1 And Job answereth and saith: --

JOB 21:2 Hear ye diligently my word, And this is your consolation.

JOB 21:3 Bear with me, and I speak, And after my speaking -- ye may deride.

JOB 21:4 I -- to man `is' my complaint? and if `so', wherefore May not my temper become short?

JOB 21:5 Turn unto me, and be astonished, And put hand to mouth.

JOB 21:6 Yea, if I have remembered, then I have been troubled. And my flesh hath taken fright.

JOB 21:7 Wherefore do the wicked live? They have become old, Yea, they have been mighty in wealth.

JOB 21:8 Their seed is established, Before their face with them, And their offspring before their eyes.

JOB 21:9 Their houses `are' peace without fear, Nor `is' a rod of God upon them.

JOB 21:10 His bullock hath eaten corn, and doth not loath. His cow bringeth forth safely, And doth not miscarry.

JOB 21:11 They send forth as a flock their sucklings, And their children skip,

JOB 21:12 They lift `themselves' up at timbrel and harp, And rejoice at the sound of an organ.

JOB 21:13 They wear out in good their days, And in a moment `to' Sheol go down.

JOB 21:14 And they say to God, `Turn aside from us, And the knowledge of Thy ways We have not desired.

JOB 21:15 What `is' the Mighty One that we serve Him? And what do we profit when we meet with Him?'

JOB 21:16 Lo, not in their hand `is' their good, (The counsel of the wicked Hath been far from me.)

JOB 21:17 How oft is the lamp of the wicked extinguished, And come on them doth their calamity? Pangs He apportioneth in His anger.

JOB 21:18 They are as straw before wind, And as chaff a hurricane hath stolen away,

JOB 21:19 God layeth up for his sons his sorrow, He giveth recompense unto him -- and he knoweth.

JOB 21:20 His own eyes see his destruction, And of the wrath of the Mighty he drinketh.

JOB 21:21 For what `is' his delight in his house after him, And the number of his months cut off?

JOB 21:22 To God doth `one' teach knowledge, And He the high doth judge?

JOB 21:23 This `one' dieth in his perfect strength, Wholly at ease and quiet.

JOB 21:24 His breasts have been full of milk, And marrow his bones doth moisten.

JOB 21:25 And this `one' dieth with a bitter soul, And have not eaten with gladness.

JOB 21:26 Together -- on the dust they lie down, And the worm doth cover them over.

JOB 21:27 Lo, I have known your thoughts, And the devices against me ye do wrongfully.

JOB 21:28 For ye say, `Where `is' the house of the noble? And where the tent -- The tabernacles of the wicked?'

JOB 21:29 Have ye not asked those passing by the way? And their signs do ye not know?

JOB 21:30 That to a day of calamity is the wicked spared. To a day of wrath they are brought.

JOB 21:31 Who doth declare to his face his way? And `for' that which he hath done, Who doth give recompence to him?

JOB 21:32 And he -- to the graves he is brought. And over the heap a watch is kept.

JOB 21:33 Sweet to him have been the clods of the valley, And after him every man he draweth, And before him there is no numbering.

JOB 21:34 And how do ye comfort me `with' vanity, And in your answers hath been left trespass?


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