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Job 34

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JOB 34:1 And Elihu answereth and saith:

JOB 34:2 Hear, O wise men, my words, And, O knowing ones, give ear to me.

JOB 34:3 For the ear doth try words, And the palate tasteth to eat.

JOB 34:4 Judgment let us choose for ourselves, Let us know among ourselves what `is' good.

JOB 34:5 For Job hath said, `I have been righteous, And God hath turned aside my right,

JOB 34:6 Against my right do I lie? Mortal `is' mine arrow -- without transgression.'

JOB 34:7 Who `is' a man like Job? He drinketh scoffing like water,

JOB 34:8 And he hath travelled for company With workers of iniquity, So as to go with men of wickedness.

JOB 34:9 For he hath said, `It doth not profit a man, When he delighteth himself with God.'

JOB 34:10 Therefore, O men of heart, hearken to me; Far be it from God to do wickedness, And `from' the Mighty to do perverseness:

JOB 34:11 For the work of man he repayeth to him, And according to the path of each He doth cause him to find.

JOB 34:12 Yea, truly, God doth not do wickedly, And the Mighty doth not pervert judgment.

JOB 34:13 Who hath inspected for Himself the earth? And who hath placed all the habitable world?

JOB 34:14 If He doth set on him His heart, His spirit and his breath unto Him He gathereth.

JOB 34:15 Expire doth all flesh together, And man to dust returneth.

JOB 34:16 And if `there is' understanding, hear this, Give ear to the voice of my words.

JOB 34:17 Yea, doth one hating justice govern? Or the Most Just dost thou condemn?

JOB 34:18 Who hath said to a king -- `Worthless,' Unto princes -- `Wicked?'

JOB 34:19 That hath not accepted the person of princes, Nor hath known the rich before the poor, For a work of His hands `are' all of them.

JOB 34:20 `In' a moment they die, and at midnight Shake do people, and they pass away, And they remove the mighty without hand.

JOB 34:21 For His eyes `are' on the ways of each, And all his steps He doth see.

JOB 34:22 There is no darkness nor death-shade, For workers of iniquity to be hidden there;

JOB 34:23 For He doth not suffer man any more, To go unto God in judgment,

JOB 34:24 He breaketh the mighty -- no searching! And He appointeth others in their stead.

JOB 34:25 Therefore He knoweth their works, And He hath overturned by night, And they are bruised.

JOB 34:26 As wicked He hath stricken them, In the place of beholders.

JOB 34:27 Because that against right They have turned aside from after Him, And none of His ways have considered wisely,

JOB 34:28 To cause to come in unto Him The cry of the poor, And the cry of the afflicted He heareth.

JOB 34:29 And He giveth rest, and who maketh wrong? And hideth the face, and who beholdeth it? And in reference to a nation and to a man, `It is' the same.

JOB 34:30 From the reigning of a profane man, From the snares of a people;

JOB 34:31 For unto God hath any said: `I have taken away, I do not corruptly,

JOB 34:32 Besides `that which' I see, shew Thou me, If iniquity I have done -- I do not add?'

JOB 34:33 By thee doth He recompense, That thou hast refused -- That thou dost choose, and not I? And what thou hast known, speak.

JOB 34:34 Let men of heart say to me, And a wise man is hearkening to me.

JOB 34:35 Job -- not with knowledge doth he speak, And his words `are' not with wisdom.

JOB 34:36 My Father! let Job be tried -- unto victory, Because of answers for men of iniquity,

JOB 34:37 For he doth add to his sin, Transgression among us he vomiteth, And multiplieth his sayings to God.


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