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Proverbs 28

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PROV 28:1 The wicked have fled and there is no pursuer. And the righteous as a young lion is confident.

PROV 28:2 By the transgression of a land many `are' its heads. And by an intelligent man, Who knoweth right -- it is prolonged.

PROV 28:3 A man -- poor and oppressing the weak, `Is' a sweeping rain, and there is no bread.

PROV 28:4 Those forsaking the law praise the wicked, Those keeping the law plead against them.

PROV 28:5 Evil men understand not judgment, And those seeking Jehovah understand all.

PROV 28:6 Better `is' the poor walking in his integrity, Than the perverse of ways who is rich.

PROV 28:7 Whoso is keeping the law is an intelligent son, And a friend of gluttons, Doth cause his father to blush.

PROV 28:8 Whoso is multiplying his wealth by biting and usury, For one favouring the poor doth gather it.

PROV 28:9 Whoso is turning his ear from hearing the law, Even his prayer `is' an abomination.

PROV 28:10 Whoso is causing the upright to err in an evil way, Into his own pit he doth fall, And the perfect do inherit good.

PROV 28:11 A rich man is wise in his own eyes, And the intelligent poor searcheth him.

PROV 28:12 In the exulting of the righteous the glory `is' abundant, And in the rising of the wicked man is apprehensive.

PROV 28:13 Whoso is covering his transgressions prospereth not, And he who is confessing and forsaking hath mercy.

PROV 28:14 O the happiness of a man fearing continually, And whoso is hardening his heart falleth into evil.

PROV 28:15 A growling lion, and a ranging bear, `Is' the wicked ruler over a poor people.

PROV 28:16 A leader lacking understanding multiplieth oppressions, Whoso is hating dishonest gain prolongeth days.

PROV 28:17 A man oppressed with the blood of a soul, Unto the pit fleeth, none taketh hold on him.

PROV 28:18 Whoso is walking uprightly is saved, And the perverted of ways falleth at once.

PROV 28:19 Whoso is tilling his ground is satisfied `with' bread, And whoso is pursuing vanity, Is filled `with' poverty.

PROV 28:20 A stedfast man hath multiplied blessings, And whoso is hasting to be rich is not acquitted.

PROV 28:21 To discern faces is not good, And for a piece of bread doth a man transgress.

PROV 28:22 Troubled for wealth `is' the man `with' an evil eye, And he knoweth not that want doth meet him.

PROV 28:23 Whoso is reproving a man afterwards findeth grace, More than a flatterer with the tongue.

PROV 28:24 Whoso is robbing his father, or his mother, And is saying, `It is not transgression,' A companion he is to a destroyer.

PROV 28:25 Whoso is proud in soul stirreth up contention, And whoso is trusting on Jehovah is made fat.

PROV 28:26 Whoso is trusting in his heart is a fool, And whoso is walking in wisdom is delivered.

PROV 28:27 Whoso is giving to the poor hath no lack, And whoso is hiding his eyes multiplied curses.

PROV 28:28 In the rising of the wicked a man is hidden, And in their destruction the righteous multiply!


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