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Song of Solomon 5

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SONG 5:1 I have come in to my garden, my sister-spouse, I have plucked my myrrh with my spice, I have eaten my comb with my honey, I have drunk my wine with my milk. Eat, O friends, drink, Yea, drink abundantly, O beloved ones!

SONG 5:2 I am sleeping, but my heart waketh: The sound of my beloved knocking! `Open to me, my sister, my friend, My dove, my perfect one, For my head is filled `with' dew, My locks `with' drops of the night.'

SONG 5:3 I have put off my coat, how do I put it on? I have washed my feet, how do I defile them?

SONG 5:4 My beloved sent his hand from the net-work, And my bowels were moved for him.

SONG 5:5 I rose to open to my beloved, And my hands dropped myrrh, Yea, my fingers flowing myrrh, On the handles of the lock.

SONG 5:6 I opened to my beloved, But my beloved withdrew -- he passed on, My soul went forth when he spake, I sought him, and found him not. I called him, and he answered me not.

SONG 5:7 The watchmen who go round about the city, Found me, smote me, wounded me, Keepers of the walls lifted up my veil from off me.

SONG 5:8 I have adjured you, daughters of Jerusalem, If ye find my beloved -- What do ye tell him? that I `am' sick with love!

SONG 5:9 What `is' thy beloved above `any' beloved, O fair among women? What `is' thy beloved above `any' beloved, That thus thou hast adjured us?

SONG 5:10 My beloved `is' clear and ruddy, Conspicuous above a myriad!

SONG 5:11 His head `is' pure gold -- fine gold, His locks flowing, dark as a raven,

SONG 5:12 His eyes as doves by streams of water, Washing in milk, sitting in fulness.

SONG 5:13 His cheeks as a bed of the spice, towers of perfumes, His lips `are' lilies, dropping flowing myrrh,

SONG 5:14 His hands rings of gold, set with beryl, His heart bright ivory, covered with sapphires,

SONG 5:15 His limbs pillars of marble, Founded on sockets of fine gold, His appearance as Lebanon, choice as the cedars.

SONG 5:16 His mouth is sweetness -- and all of him desirable, This `is' my beloved, and this my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem!


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