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Hosea 12

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HOS 12:1 Ephraim is enjoying wind, And is pursuing an east wind, All the day lying and spoiling he multiplieth, And a covenant with Asshur they make, And oil to Egypt is carried.

HOS 12:2 And a controversy hath Jehovah with Judah, To lay a charge on Jacob according to his ways, According to his doings He returneth to him.

HOS 12:3 In the womb he took his brother by the heel, And by his strength he was a prince with God,

HOS 12:4 Yea, he is a prince unto the Messenger, And he overcometh `by' weeping, And he maketh supplication to Him, At Bethel He doth find him, And there He doth speak with us,

HOS 12:5 Even Jehovah, God of the Hosts, Jehovah `is' His memorial.

HOS 12:6 And thou, through thy God, dost turn, Kindness and judgment keep thou, And wait on thy God continually.

HOS 12:7 Canaan! in his hand `are' balances of deceit! To oppress he hath loved.

HOS 12:8 And Ephraim saith: `Surely I have become rich, I have found wealth for myself, All my labours -- they find not against me iniquity that `is' sin.'

HOS 12:9 And I -- Jehovah thy God from the land of Egypt, Again do I turn thee back into tents, As in the days of the appointed time.

HOS 12:10 And I have spoken unto the prophets, And I have multiplied vision, And by the hand of the prophets I use similes.

HOS 12:11 Surely Gilead `is' iniquity, Only, vanity they have been, In Gilead bullocks they have sacrificed, Also their altars `are' as heaps, on the furrows of a field.

HOS 12:12 And Jacob doth flee to the country of Aram, And Israel doth serve for a wife, Yea, for a wife he hath kept watch.

HOS 12:13 And by a prophet hath Jehovah brought up Israel out of Egypt, And by a prophet it hath been watched.

HOS 12:14 Ephraim hath provoked most bitterly, And his blood on himself he leaveth, And his reproach turn back to him doth his Lord!


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