(Examples in Old and New Testament)


Children of Israel – Hunger, Thirst, Pharaoh’s Army, Manna, Quail, Water, Crossing Sea on dry land

Daniel – Lions Mouths Shut, Preferred Above all in the Reign of Darius

Elijah – Jezebel Chasing, Shade, Raven Providing Food

Elisha – Enemy Army Surrounding, Angels Encamped About

Joseph – Well and Prison, Second in command to Pharaoh

Lot – Fire and Brimstone, Escaped to Safety

Noah – Flood, Ark of Safety

Paul – Shipwreck, Stoning and Beatings, Escaped

Peter – Prison, Angels Opened Doors

Three Hebrew Children – Fiery Furnace, No smell of fire


As Christians today face seemingly insurmountable circumstances with one world crisis after another, we can trust totally in God to make provision for us even as He did for the saints of old.  And we can do so without worrying and being anxious about the uncertainty of the future.  For as the time of the Lord’s return draws nearer, we can join our Lord Jesus and John the apostle in exclaiming, “Behold I come quickly.  Amen.  Even so come Lord Jesus”!

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