Luke 21:7-36

When shall these things be?  And what sign (semeion indication, supernatural, miracle, wonder) will there be when these things shall come to pass (ginomai to cause to be, to become, come into being, come to pass)?”

Take heed (blepo to look at, beware, perceive, regard, take heed) that ye be not deceived (planao cause to roam from truth, go astray, deceive, be seduced, wander away): many come in my name saying, I am Christ; the time (kairos occasion, set time, season due, short; Mark 13:32 “But that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.”)  draweth near (eggizo to make near, approach, be at hand, draw near, be nigh): go ye not therefore after them.

When ye shall hear (akouo to hear, come to the ears, be noised, be reported) of wars (polemos warfare, series of encounters, battle, fighting, war) and commotions (akatastasia instability, disorder, commotion, confusion, tumuilt) be not terrified (ptoeo causing to fall, scare, frighten): for these things must first (proton first in time, order, importance) come (ginomai to cause to be, to become, come into being, fulfilled;) to pass (eutheos directly, at once or soon, forthwith, immediately); but the end (telos termination, the point aimed at as a limit, that is the conclusion) is not by and by (eutheos directly, at once, immediately, shortly, straightway).

Nation (ethnos a race, tribe, pagan, heathen, people, Gentile) shall rise (egeiro waken, rouse, from obscurity, inactivity, ruins, nonexistence, rear up, lift up, rise up, stand ) against (epi towards, against, direction, upon) nation (ethnos) and kingdom (basileia rule, royalty, realm, kingdom, reign) against (epi) kingdom (basileia):

Great (megas big, exceedingly, great, large, loud, mighty, strong) earthquakes (seismos commotion, earthquake) shall be in divers (kata every, exceeding, beyond or out of measure, divers, intensity) places (topos a spot, space, larger but particular locality, location)

Famines (limos destitution, scarcity of food, dearth, famine, hunger)

Pestilences (loimos a plague, disease, a pest, pestilence)

Fearful sights (phobetron  a frightening thing, terrific portent, fearful sight) and great (megas big, exceedingly, great, large, loud, mighty, strong) signs  (semeion  an indication, supernaturally, miracle, sign, wonder) shall there be from heaven (ouranos elevation, sky, heaven as the abode of God, air, sky)

But before all these (pro fore, in front of, prior),

they shall lay (epiballo to throw upon, beat into, cast on, fall on, stretch forth) their hands on you (cheir the hand, power, by means or instrument of the hands),

and persecute you, (dioko to pursue, persecute, ensue, follow after, press toward)

delivering you up (paradidomi to surrender, yield up, in trust, transmit, betray, bring forth, cast commit, deliver up, put in prison) to the synagogues (sunagoge an assemblage of persons, Jewish synagogue, the meeting place, assembly, congregation, church), and into prisons (phulake a guarding, cage, hold, prison, ward, watch),

being brought (ago to lead, to bring, to drive, carry, lead away) before (epi direction, at, towards, the space of) kings (basileus power, a sovereign, king) and rulers (hegemon leader, chief person, governor, prince, ruler) for (heneka heneken heineken on account of, because of wherefore, sake, by reason of) my (mou of me, mine own, my) name’s sake (onoma a name, authority, character, called, named)

And it shall turn (apobaino become, turn) to you (humin to you, yourselves) for a testimony (marturion evidence, testimony, to be testified, witness).

Settle it (tithemi to place, lay aside, down, purpose, settle, sink down) therefore in your hearts (kardia the heart, thoughts, feelings, mind), not to meditate before (promeletao premeditate, meditate before) what ye shall answer (apologeomai to give an account, legal plea of oneself, exculpate self, answer for selfm make defence, speak for self):

For I will give you (didomi to give, bestow, bring forth, commit, deliver up, grant, have power) a mouth (stoma the mouth, language,  cutting edge) and wisdom (sophia wisdom, spiritual), which all your adversaries (antikeimai to lie opposite, be adverse, oppose) shall not be able to gainsay (antepo to refute, say against) nor resist (authistemi to stand against, oppose, withstand).

Ye shall be betrayed (paradidomi to surrender, yield up, betray, bring forth, cast commit, deliver up, give over, put in prison) both by parents (goneus a parent, parents), brothers (adelphos the womb, a brother), kinsfolks (suggenes a relative by blood, by extension a fellow countryman, cousin,kin, kinsman, kinfolk), friends (philos a friend, fond, associate, neighbor)

Some of you shall be put to death (thanatoo become dead, put to death, kill, mortify)

Ye shall be hated (miseo hatred, detest, to persecute, love less, hateful) of all men (pas all, every, the whole, all manner of) for my (dia by occasion of, reason of, for sake of; mou of me, mine own, my) name’s sake (onoma a name, authority, character, called by, named)

But there shall not (ou me a double negative strengthening the denial, not at all, never, in no case, in any wise) an hair (thrix trichos hair) of your head (kephale the head) perish (apollumi to destroy fully, perish, lose, die)

In your patience (hupomone cheerful, hopeful, endurance, constancy, patience, continuance, waiting) possess (ktaomai to get, acquire, by any mean, own, obtain, possess, purchase) ye your souls (psuche breath, spirit, immortal soul, life, mind, soul)

Signs (semeion an indication, supernaturally, miracle, sign, wonder) in the sun (heilios the sun, light), moon (selene brilliancy, the moon) and stars (astron constellation, a single star, star)

Upon the earth (ge soil, region, whole of the terrene glove, including occupants, country, earth, ground, land, world) distress (sunoche anxiety, anguish, distress) of nations (ethnos a race, tribe, pagan, Gentile, heathen, nation, people)

Perplexity (aporia state of quandary, perplexity)

Sea (thalassa the sea) and waves (salos a vibration, billow, wave) roaring (ec heo to make a loud noise, reverberate, roar, sound)

Men’s (anthropos the countenance, man-faced, human being, man) hearts failing them (apopsucho to breathe out, faint, hearts failing) for fear (phobos to be put in fear, alarm, fright, be afraid, exceedingly, fear, terror), and for looking after (prosdokia anticipated, expectation, looking after) those things which are coming on (eperchomai to supervene, arrive, occur, attack, come upon) the earth (oikoumene land, terrene of the globe, earth, world):

For the powers (dunamis force, miraculous power, miracle, abundance, might, power, strength, violence, mighty work) of heaven (ouranos elevation, sky, heaven as the abode of God, power, eternity, air, sky) shall be shaken (saleuo agitate, rock, topple, destroy, move, stir up)

And then (tote at the time that, that time, then) shall they see (optanomai optomai to gaze, with wide open eyes as at something remarkable) the Son of man (uihos a son; anthropos the countenance, man-faced, human being, certain man, man) coming (erchomai to come, appear, come enter) in a cloud (nephele cloudiness, a cloud) with power (dunamis miraculous power, might, miracle, power, strength, mighty and wonderful work) and great (polus polos much, abundant, for passed, great, much, plenteous) glory (doxa dignity, glory glorious, honor, worthy of praise, worship)



And (de and, moreover, now) when these things (touton concerning, things, this sort) begin (archomai to commence, in order of time, begin) to come to pass (ginomai to become, come into being, brought to pass, be fulfilled, be ordained to be, be wrought), then look up (anakupto to unbend, rise, be elated, lift, look up), and lift up (epairo to raise up, poise, lift up)  your heads (kephale the head); for (dioti on the very account that, inasmuch as, because that, for, therefore) our (humon concerning you, your own, selves) redemption (apolutrosis the act, ransom in full, deliverance, redemption) draweth nigh (eggizo near, approach, be at hand, draw near or near, become nigh).


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