Greek Word Study: Romans 12:1-2

V1 “I beseech you therefore, (parakaleo to call to ones-side, call near, exhort, entreat, appeal, plead, beg, invite, invoke, ask, request, urge)

brethren (adelphos brethren, brothers)

by the mercies (oiktirmos pity, compassion, mercy, merciful, tenderheartedness)

of God (Theos God, One true God)

that ye present (paristemi to offer, offer your very selves, to set alongside, decisive dedication, to dedicate, alive to God and dead to self, to present, bring into one’s presence, show, to yield, to provide, to show, send, prove, put at the disposal of, to give, grant, to turn over to)

your bodies (soma bodies, as a sound whole, very selves, members, faculties, vessel)

a living (zao alive, to live, lively, living, quick)

sacrifice (thusia a slaughter, slaughtered animal, sacrifice)

holy (hagios separate, apart, set apart, holy, consecrated, pure, blameless, sacred)

acceptable (euarestos well pleasing, pleasing, approving, fit, worthy, fully agreeable, satisfying to God)

unto God (Theos God, One true God)

which is your reasonable (logikos rational, reasonable, spiritual, intelligent, just, right, wise)

service (latreia reverential, worship, act of worship, spiritual service, a service of worship, ministry)

V2 And be not conformed (suschematizo to fashion in the same way, according to, to conform to the pattern of, configuring, fashions of the times, adopt the customs, imitate, squeeze into its own mold, to copy the behavior and customs of, to be shaped by)

to this world (aion an age, indefinite time, times, dispensation, world order)

but be ye transformed (metanorphoo transfigured, remolded, changed, complete, transformed, complete renovation, converted)

by the renewing (anakainosis to make new again, mold, renewal, regeneration, new start, revive again, to make new spiritually, to begin all over again)

of your mind (nous mind, will, from within, understanding, intellect, feeling, thinking, discernment, purpose, thought, morality, reasoning, understanding, ability to will and do the truth as well as know the truth)

that ye may prove (dokimazo to try, prove, approve, discern, find and follow, to prove, to test, examine, allow, interpret, to demonstrate)

what is that good (agathos good, all that is good, ultimate good)

and acceptable (euarestos well pleasing, fully agreeable, satisfying to God)

and perfect (teleios ended, complete, completes, perfect in His sight, moral character, of full age, mature, fully developed, full grown, whole)

will (thelma God’s will, desire, pleasure, wish, design, purpose)”

of God (Theos God, One true God)

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