2011 Mission Summary

As we enter the New Year 2012, we want to thank everyone who prayed for or contributed to the Lord’s work around the world in 2011. 

Just as we are accountable to the Lord for His resources, we hold those who receive these resources accountable as well.  We always share with the recipients of these gifts that we are not their resource but rather our Heavenly Father supplies their needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.  The Father has chosen to work through those who have given generously in 2011 so that His resources could be sent to many nations. 

For many years now, we have chosen by the direction of the Lord not have an IRS tax exemption status(501c3), thus all contributions we receive should not be claimed on Tax Returns.  Some who choose to claim tax credit should do so by contributing through other organizations.

In 2011, the Lord directed me not to travel abroad, but rather to concentrate on recuperating and regaining my health from the 2010 cancer surgery and radiation treatments.  Through the anointing with oil and prayers of faith by the elders and church family of the Body of Christ in Winnsboro, as well as the prayers of hundreds of believers from around the world, the Lord healed me.  The medical doctors have diagnosed me “cancer free” but even more importantly, the Great Physician has declared me healed for which we give Him glory and praise!

We praise God for His bountiful blessings and supernatural provision that has enabled us to share in the lives and ministries of His servants in many nations in 2011 including: Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and Zimbabwe.  His servants in these nations used these gifts to feed the hungry, cloth the poor, minister to widows, minister to those in prison and to their families, help flood and earthquake victims, train servant leaders, evangelize their nations, begin new churches, as well as strengthening existing churches.

In addition to distributing God’s resources in 2011, through His provision we were able to minister over the Internet to 2,868 inquirers from all 50 States in the USA and 1,562 inquirers from 95 different nations throughout the world.  In addition there were hundreds of servants trained and equipped via the Internet “School of Tyrannus”.   We do not know the total number of the trainees because for everyone we trained, they in turn equipped others and the multiplication continues.  In two nations, China and Philippines, there are now 3 generations of servants who have been equipped and these trainees are continuing to train others, so only eternity will reveal the number of servants trained throughout the world for Kingdom service.

Through our Internet website we are able to provide hundreds of teaching materials and books for believers throughout the world.  We make all of the website available for downloading free of charge.  And if they do not have access to downloading and printing, we ship materials to them free as a gift from the Lord.  For Jesus said, “freely you have received, freely give”.

From “our hired house” in 2011, we responded via the Internet to hundreds of emails from the USA and many foreign nations by answering questions about personal matters, marriage and family problems, discipleship and leadership issues, church problems, etc.  In “our hired house” in 2011, we also hosted visitors from Texas, other US States, as well as foreign guests from India, Africa and Australia.

Please join me in giving our Lord the praise and glory for all He has done in 2011 and may you have a Blessed New Year in 2012!

In His love and grace,
Dan and Laurel Hubbell
His servants
From “a hired house” (Acts 28:30-31)
Winnsboro, Texas USA