After earnest prayer in seeking the mind of Christ, Laurel and I want to update you about a “new season” into which the Lord is leading us.  We have discovered that even as the Lord led the Old and New Testament believers in “seasons of life”, He continues to do the same today in our lives as well.


For over sixty years, I have served the Lord in the “season” as pastor 28 years, and for an additional 32 years, in the “season” as missionary, “sent forth one” to the nations.  Laurel has served faithfully at my side for all 46 years of our married life.  The Lord has and continues to minister through her in unique gifts as she has blessed not only me as her husband but everyone else whose life she has touched.  She is truly a Proverbs 31 woman to me!


During our “season” of overseas missionary work we had the joy of serving primarily in Communist, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist nations.  We learned the importance of God's timing and His windows of opportunity in “opening and closing” doors.  As we reflect on His timeliness, we now realize that we only had one opportunity to enter some of these nations before their doors were closed to us.   Recently toward the end of overseas missionary travels, we began to have our visas denied because the governments “suspected that we were engaged in Christian missionary activity”.


Now, at the age of 75, I have come to realize that my physical limitations will not allow me to travel overseas on mission as I have done for so many years.  So the Lord is leading us into yet another “season” of life.  And that is to minister primarily from “our hired house” as Paul the apostle did in Rome according to Acts 28:16, 23, 30-31: “And when we came to Rome, the centurion delivered the prisoners to the captain of the guard: but Paul was suffered to dwell by himself with a solder that kept him.  And when they had appointed him a day, there came many to him in his lodging; to whom he expounded and testified the kingdom of God, persuading them concerning Jesus, both out of the law of Moses, and out of the prophets, from morning till evening.  And Paul dwelt two whole years in his own hired house, and received all that came in unto him, preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him.”


The Lord is directing us now to concentrate on ministering to young servant leaders around the world via the Internet through the means of our website, Online “School of Tyrannus”, SKYPE, Blogs, Emails, etc., mutually encouraging one another as we are admonished in Hebrews 10:35 : “and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”


Because of the increasing high cost of overseas travel, it is not the best stewardship of the Lord's resources for us to continue traveling abroad nor in paying for the leaders to come to the USA for equipping and mentoring.  Rather we will encourage those who have already been equipped, to continue to train others within their own borders and beyond as recorded in II Timothy 2:2: “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”


One of our greatest joys is to hear from young servants we have previously trained, that they are now equipping their second and third generation of leaders for the work to which God has called them.  Only eternity will fully reveal the fruit of this continuing ministry of equipping and mentoring for Kingdom service.


So, while the Internet is still accessible, we need to take greater advantage of this media, especially with SKYPE, which is a free service.  Through this media we can continue to make ourselves available to young leaders in various nations for dialogue and Q&A in real time where we can see one another via the live camera.


We purpose in our hearts to continue ministering to precious servants until the Lord calls us home or comes again in His triumphant return.


Thank you for allowing us to share our hearts about our “new season”.  We are so grateful for your prayers and encouragement in helping us continue to “make disciples of all nations”.


In His love and grace,

Dan and Laurel Hubbell

His servants

From “a hired house” (Acts 28:30-31)

Winnsboro, Texas USA




  1. If you are led of the Lord to take part in this continuing ministry of Internet equipping and mentoring, please indicate it by your email response to danh@suddenlink.net

  2. Also, please let me know if you have a computer and/or have access to a computer in order to participate in this online training.


My Life Passage: “For thou art my hope, O Lord God: thou art my trust from my youth.  By thee have I been holden up from the womb: thou art he that took me out of my mother’s bowels: my praise shall be continually of thee.  Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honor all the day.  Cast me not off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength faileth.  But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more.  My mouth shall shew forth thy righteousness and thy salvation all the day; for I know not the numbers thereof.  I will go in the strength of the Lord God: I will make mention of thy righteousness, even of thine only.  O God, thou hast taught me from my youth: and hitherto have I declared thy wondrous works.  Now also when I am old and gray headed, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to everyone that is to come.  Thy righteousness also, O God, is very high, who hast done great things: O God, who is like unto thee.” Psalms 71:5-6, 8-9, 14-18