From our “hired house” (Acts 28:30-31) in Winnsboro, Texas USA, we extend our greetings, love and prayers that you will have a Blessed New Year in 2014!

As we come to the close of the year 2013 and begin the New Year 2014, we want to thank you for your love, encouragement and prayers you have so graciously extended to us.

It is our joy and humble privilege to share with you a brief summary of some of the many blessings of our Lord in 2013, for which we give Him all the glory, honor and praise!

1)   Through the Lord’s provision, we were able to financially help believers who were storm victims in India and the Philippines.

2)   As the Lord provided, we financially helped provide His resources for those who suffered from serious illnesses and medical expenses.

3)   The Lord made it possible for us to help widows and orphaned children in Africa, India and the Philippines.

4)   By His provision, we helped relocate one of our spiritual sons in Pakistan, Victor Sirdar, and his family from Pakistan to Malaysia.  This was due to the grave danger and threat to their lives because of their Christian witness.  Victor is now in “tent-making” vocational training in Malaysia and will soon be getting citizenship there for his whole family.  The family will operate the “tent-making” business as a source of income for them and for Victor who will then be able to travel with other co-laborers to Muslim nations and other nations with Muslim populations as an evangelist to share the Gospel of the Kingdom of our Lord.

5)   The Lord allowed us the joy of receiving and responding to hundreds of emails from around the world from servants of the Lord who needed encouragement, prayer, direction and counsel.

6)   The website http://www.churchrestoration.org via a special Map Service, annually keeps records of log-in’s and hits to our site.  And in 2013, there were 4,503 who connected to the website and of these, 2,512 were from 123 foreign nations and 1,991 from the USA.

7)   The Lord led us to teach via the “School of Tyrannus” (Acts 19:8-10) 168 servants in 37 nations providing them a free Internet online training ministry.

8)   By the prophetic direction of the Lord, we finalized the 2014 mission outreach to the nations of the world.  And thus far, 44 co-laboring Ephesians 4 servants from 18 nations have committed to participate.  In addition, 39 other servants from various other nations are still praying about their potential involvement and will notify us of their decision by early 2014.

Again, we thank you for your support, love and encouragement as we give our Lord all the glory for what He has done in 2013 and as we anticipate in faith His continued blessings in 2014.

In His love and blessings,

Dan and Laurel Hubbell
His servants
From our “hired house” (Acts 28:3-31)
Winnsboro, Texas USA