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Genesis 31

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GEN 31:1 And he heareth the words of Laban's sons, saying, `Jacob hath taken all that our father hath; yea, from that which our father hath, he hath made all this honour;'

GEN 31:2 and Jacob seeth the face of Laban, and lo, it is not with him as heretofore.

GEN 31:3 And Jehovah saith unto Jacob, `Turn back unto the land of thy fathers, and to thy kindred, and I am with thee.'

GEN 31:4 And Jacob sendeth and calleth for Rachel and for Leah to the field unto his flock;

GEN 31:5 and saith to them, `I am beholding your father's face -- that it is not towards me as heretofore, and the God of my father hath been with me,

GEN 31:6 and ye -- ye have known that with all my power I have served your father,

GEN 31:7 and your father hath played upon me, and hath changed my hire ten times; and God hath not suffered him to do evil with me.

GEN 31:8 `If he say thus: The speckled are thy hire, then bare all the flock speckled ones; and if he say thus: The ring-straked are thy hire, then bare all the flock ring-straked;

GEN 31:9 and God taketh away the substance of your father, and doth give to me.

GEN 31:10 `And it cometh to pass at the time of the flock conceiving, that I lift up mine eyes and see in a dream, and lo, the he-goats, which are going up on the flock, `are' ring-straked, speckled, and grisled;

GEN 31:11 and the messenger of God saith unto me in the dream, Jacob, and I say, Here `am' I.

GEN 31:12 `And He saith, Lift up, I pray thee, thine eyes, and see -- all the he-goats which are going up on the flock `are' ring-straked, speckled, and grisled, for I have seen all that Laban is doing to thee;

GEN 31:13 I `am' the God of Bethel where thou hast anointed a standing pillar, where thou hast vowed a vow to me; now, arise, go out from this land, and turn back unto the land of thy birth.'

GEN 31:14 And Rachel answereth -- Leah also -- and saith to him, `Have we yet a portion and inheritance in the house of our father?

GEN 31:15 have we not been reckoned strangers to him? for he hath sold us, and he also utterly consumeth our money;

GEN 31:16 for all the wealth which God hath taken away from our father, it `is' ours, and our children's; and now, all that God hath said unto thee -- do.'

GEN 31:17 And Jacob riseth, and lifteth up his sons and his wives on the camels,

GEN 31:18 and leadeth all his cattle, and all his substance which he hath acquired, the cattle of his getting, which he hath acquired in Padan-Aram, to go unto Isaac his father, to the land of Canaan.

GEN 31:19 And Laban hath gone to shear his flock, and Rachel stealeth the teraphim which her father hath;

GEN 31:20 and Jacob deceiveth the heart of Laban the Aramaean, because he hath not declared to him that he is fleeing;

GEN 31:21 and he fleeth, he and all that he hath, and riseth, and passeth over the River, and setteth his face `toward' the mount of Gilead.

GEN 31:22 And it is told to Laban on the third day that Jacob hath fled,

GEN 31:23 and he taketh his brethren with him, and pursueth after him a journey of seven days, and overtaketh him in the mount of Gilead.

GEN 31:24 And God cometh in unto Laban the Aramaean in a dream of the night, and saith to him, `Take heed to thyself lest thou speak with Jacob from good unto evil.'

GEN 31:25 And Laban overtaketh Jacob; and Jacob hath fixed his tent in the mount; and Laban with his brethren have fixed `theirs' in the mount of Gilead.

GEN 31:26 And Laban saith to Jacob, `What hast thou done that thou dost deceive my heart, and lead away my daughters as captives of the sword?

GEN 31:27 Why hast thou hidden thyself to flee, and deceivest me, and hast not declared to me, and I send thee away with joy and with songs, with tabret and with harp,

GEN 31:28 and hast not suffered me to kiss my sons and my daughters? -- now thou hast acted foolishly in doing `so';

GEN 31:29 my hand is to God to do evil with you, but the God of your father yesternight hath spoken unto me, saying, Take heed to thyself from speaking with Jacob from good unto evil.

GEN 31:30 `And now, thou hast certainly gone, because thou hast been very desirous for the house of thy father; why hast thou stolen my gods?'

GEN 31:31 And Jacob answereth and saith to Laban, `Because I was afraid, for I said, Lest thou take violently away thy daughters from me;

GEN 31:32 with whomsoever thou findest thy gods -- he doth not live; before our brethren discern for thyself what `is' with me, and take to thyself:' and Jacob hath not known that Rachel hath stolen them.

GEN 31:33 And Laban goeth into the tent of Jacob, and into the tent of Leah, and into the tent of the two handmaidens, and hath not found; and he goeth out from the tent of Leah, and goeth into the tent of Rachel.

GEN 31:34 And Rachel hath taken the teraphim, and putteth them in the furniture of the camel, and sitteth upon them; and Laban feeleth all the tent, and hath not found;

GEN 31:35 and she saith unto her father, `Let it not be displeasing in the eyes of my lord that I am not able to rise at thy presence, for the way of women `is' on me;' and he searcheth, and hath not found the teraphim.

GEN 31:36 And it is displeasing to Jacob, and he striveth with Laban; and Jacob answereth and saith to Laban, `What `is' my transgression? what my sin, that thou hast burned after me?

GEN 31:37 for thou hast felt all my vessels: what hast thou found of all the vessels of thy house? set here before my brethren, and thy brethren, and they decide between us both.

GEN 31:38 `These twenty years I `am' with thee: thy ewes and thy she-goats have not miscarried, and the rams of thy flock I have not eaten;

GEN 31:39 the torn I have not brought in unto thee -- I, I repay it -- from my hand thou dost seek it; I have been deceived by day, and I have been deceived by night;

GEN 31:40 I have been `thus': in the day consumed me hath drought, and frost by night, and wander doth my sleep from mine eyes.

GEN 31:41 `This `is' to me twenty years in thy house: I have served thee fourteen years for thy two daughters, and six years for thy flock; and thou changest my hire ten times;

GEN 31:42 unless the God of my father, the God of Abraham, and the Fear of Isaac, had been for me, surely now empty thou hadst sent me away; mine affliction and the labour of my hands hath God seen, and reproveth yesternight.'

GEN 31:43 And Laban answereth and saith unto Jacob, `The daughters `are' my daughters, and the sons my sons, and the flock my flock, and all that thou art seeing `is' mine; and to my daughters -- what do I to these to-day, or to their sons whom they have born?

GEN 31:44 and now, come, let us make a covenant, I and thou, and it hath been for a witness between me and thee.'

GEN 31:45 And Jacob taketh a stone, and lifteth it up `for' a standing pillar;

GEN 31:46 and Jacob saith to his brethren, `Gather stones,' and they take stones, and make a heap; and they eat there on the heap;

GEN 31:47 and Laban calleth it Jegar-Sahadutha; and Jacob hath called it Galeed.

GEN 31:48 And Laban saith, `This heap `is' witness between me and thee to-day;' therefore hath he called its name Galeed;

GEN 31:49 Mizpah also, for he said, `Jehovah doth watch between me and thee, for we are hidden one from another;

GEN 31:50 if thou afflict my daughters, or take wives beside my daughters -- there is no man with us -- see, God `is' witness between me and thee.'

GEN 31:51 And Laban saith to Jacob, `Lo, this heap, and lo, the standing pillar which I have cast between me and thee;

GEN 31:52 this heap `is' witness, and the standing pillar `is' witness, that I do not pass over this heap unto thee, and that thou dost not pass over this heap and this standing pillar unto me -- for evil;

GEN 31:53 the God of Abraham and the God of Nahor, doth judge between us -- the God of their father,' and Jacob sweareth by the Fear of his father Isaac.

GEN 31:54 And Jacob sacrificeth a sacrifice in the mount, and calleth to his brethren to eat bread, and they eat bread, and lodge in the mount;

GEN 31:55 and Laban riseth early in the morning, and kisseth his sons and his daughters, and blesseth them; and Laban goeth on, and turneth back to his place.


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