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1 Chronicles 23

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1CHRON 23:1 And David is old, and satisfied with days, and causeth his son Solomon to reign over Israel,

1CHRON 23:2 and gathereth all the heads of Israel, and the priests, and the Levites;

1CHRON 23:3 and the Levites are numbered from a son of thirty years and upward, and their number, by their polls, is of mighty men thirty and eight thousand.

1CHRON 23:4 Of these to preside over the work of the house of Jehovah `are' twenty and four thousand, and officers and judges six thousand,

1CHRON 23:5 and four thousand gatekeepers, and four thousand giving praise to Jehovah, `with instruments that I made for praising,' `saith David.'

1CHRON 23:6 And David distributeth them into courses: Of the sons of Levi: of Gershon, Kohath, and Merari.

1CHRON 23:7 Of the Gershonite: Laadan and Shimei.

1CHRON 23:8 Sons of Laadan: the head `is' Jehiel, and Zetham, and Joel, three.

1CHRON 23:9 Sons of Shimei `are' Shelomith, and Haziel, and Haran, three; these `are' heads of the fathers of Laadan.

1CHRON 23:10 And sons of Shimei `are' Jahath, Zina, and Jeush, and Beriah; these `are' sons of Shimei, four.

1CHRON 23:11 And Jahath is the head, and Zizah the second, and Jeush and Beriah have not multiplied sons, and they become the house of a father by one numbering.

1CHRON 23:12 Sons of Kohath `are' Amram, Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel, four.

1CHRON 23:13 Sons of Amram: Aaron and Moses; and Aaron is separated for his sanctifying the holy of holies, he and his sons -- unto the age, to make perfume before Jehovah, to serve Him, and to bless in His name -- unto the age.

1CHRON 23:14 As to Moses, the man of God, his sons are called after the tribe of Levi.

1CHRON 23:15 Sons of Moses: Gershom and Eliezer.

1CHRON 23:16 Sons of Gershom: Shebuel the head.

1CHRON 23:17 And sons of Eliezer are Rehabiah the head, and Eliezer had no other sons, and the sons of Rehabiah have multiplied exceedingly.

1CHRON 23:18 Sons of Izhar: Shelomith the head.

1CHRON 23:19 Sons of Hebron: Jeriah the head, Amariah the second, Jahaziel the third, and Jekameam the fourth.

1CHRON 23:20 Sons of Uzziel: Micah the head, and Ishshiah, the second.

1CHRON 23:21 Sons of Merari: Mahli and Mushi; sons of Mahli: Eleazar and Kish.

1CHRON 23:22 And Eleazar dieth, and he had no sons, but daughters, and sons of Kish their brethren take them.

1CHRON 23:23 Sons of Mushi: Mahli, and Eder, and Jerimoth, three.

1CHRON 23:24 These `are' sons of Levi, by the house of their fathers, heads of the fathers, by their appointments, in the number of names, by their polls, doing the work for the service of the house of Jehovah, from a son of twenty years and upward,

1CHRON 23:25 for David said, `Jehovah, God of Israel, hath given rest to His people, and He doth tabernacle in Jerusalem unto the age;'

1CHRON 23:26 and also of the Levites, `None `are' to bear the tabernacle and all its vessels for its service;'

1CHRON 23:27 for by the last words of David they `took' the number of the sons of Levi from a son of twenty years and upward,

1CHRON 23:28 for their station `is' at the side of the sons of Aaron, for the service of the house of Jehovah, over the courts, and over the chambers, and over the cleansing of every holy thing, and the work of the service of the house of God,

1CHRON 23:29 and for the bread of the arrangement, and for fine flour for present, and for the thin unleavened cakes, and for `the work of' the pan, and for that which is fried, and for all `liquid' measure and `solid' measure;

1CHRON 23:30 and to stand, morning by morning, to give thanks, and to give praise to Jehovah, and so at evening;

1CHRON 23:31 and for all the burnt-offerings -- burnt-offerings to Jehovah for sabbaths, for new moons, and for appointed seasons, by number, according to the ordinance upon them continually, before Jehovah.

1CHRON 23:32 And they have kept the charge of the tent of meeting, and the charge of the sanctuary, and the charge of the sons of Aaron, their brethren, for the service of the house of Jehovah.


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