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Proverbs 9

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PROV 9:1 Wisdom hath builded her house, She hath hewn out her pillars -- seven.

PROV 9:2 She hath slaughtered her slaughter, She hath mingled her wine, Yea, she hath arranged her table.

PROV 9:3 She hath sent forth her damsels, She crieth on the tops of the high places of the city:

PROV 9:4 `Who `is' simple? let him turn aside hither.' Whoso lacketh heart: she hath said to him,

PROV 9:5 `Come, eat of my bread, And drink of the wine I have mingled.

PROV 9:6 Forsake ye, the simple, and live, And be happy in the way of understanding.

PROV 9:7 The instructor of a scorner Is receiving for it -- shame, And a reprover of the wicked -- his blemish.

PROV 9:8 Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee, Give reproof to the wise, and he loveth thee.

PROV 9:9 Give to the wise, and he is wiser still, Make known to the righteous, And he increaseth learning.

PROV 9:10 The commencement of wisdom `is' the fear of Jehovah, And a knowledge of the Holy Ones `is' understanding.

PROV 9:11 For by me do thy days multiply, And added to thee are years of life.

PROV 9:12 If thou hast been wise, thou hast been wise for thyself, And thou hast scorned -- thyself bearest `it'.

PROV 9:13 A foolish woman `is' noisy, Simple, and hath not known what.

PROV 9:14 And she hath sat at the opening of her house, On a throne -- the high places of the city,

PROV 9:15 To call to those passing by the way, Who are going straight `on' their paths.

PROV 9:16 `Who `is' simple? let him turn aside hither.' And whoso lacketh heart -- she said to him,

PROV 9:17 `Stolen waters are sweet, And hidden bread is pleasant.'

PROV 9:18 And he hath not known that Rephaim `are' there, In deep places of Sheol her invited ones!


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