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Job 22

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JOB 22:1 And Eliphaz the Temanite answereth and saith: --

JOB 22:2 To God is a man profitable, Because a wise man to himself is profitable?

JOB 22:3 Is it a delight to the Mighty One That thou art righteous? is it gain, That thou makest perfect thy ways?

JOB 22:4 Because of thy reverence Doth He reason `with' thee? He entereth with thee into judgment:

JOB 22:5 Is not thy wickedness abundant? And there is no end to thine iniquities.

JOB 22:6 For thou takest a pledge of thy brother for nought, And the garments of the naked Thou dost strip off.

JOB 22:7 Thou causest not the weary to drink water, And from the hungry thou withholdest bread.

JOB 22:8 As to the man of arm -- he hath the earth, And the accepted of face -- he dwelleth in it.

JOB 22:9 Widows thou hast sent away empty, And the arms of the fatherless are bruised.

JOB 22:10 Therefore round about thee `are' snares, And trouble thee doth fear suddenly.

JOB 22:11 Or darkness -- thou dost not see, And abundance of waters doth cover thee.

JOB 22:12 Is not God high `in' heaven? And see the summit of the stars, That they are high.

JOB 22:13 And thou hast said, `What -- hath God known? Through thickness doth He judge?

JOB 22:14 Thick clouds `are' a secret place to Him, And He doth not see;' And the circle of the heavens He walketh habitually,

JOB 22:15 The path of the age dost thou observe, That men of iniquity have trodden?

JOB 22:16 Who have been cut down unexpectedly, A flood is poured out on their foundation.

JOB 22:17 Those saying to God, `Turn aside from us,' And what doth the Mighty One to them?

JOB 22:18 And he hath filled their houses `with' good: (And the counsel of the wicked Hath been far from me.)

JOB 22:19 See do the righteous and they rejoice, And the innocent mocketh at them,

JOB 22:20 `Surely our substance hath not been cut off, And their excellency hath fire consumed.'

JOB 22:21 Acquaint thyself, I pray thee, with Him, And be at peace, Thereby thine increase `is' good.

JOB 22:22 Receive, I pray thee, from His mouth a law, And set His sayings in thy heart.

JOB 22:23 If thou dost return unto the Mighty Thou art built up, Thou puttest iniquity far from thy tents.

JOB 22:24 So as to set on the dust a defence, And on a rock of the valleys a covering.

JOB 22:25 And the Mighty hath been thy defence, And silver `is' strength to thee.

JOB 22:26 For then on the Mighty thou delightest thyself, And dost lift up unto God thy face,

JOB 22:27 Thou dost make supplication unto Him, And He doth hear thee, And thy vows thou completest.

JOB 22:28 And thou decreest a saying, And it is established to thee, And on thy ways hath light shone.

JOB 22:29 For they have made low, And thou sayest, `Lift up.' And the bowed down of eyes he saveth.

JOB 22:30 He delivereth the not innocent, Yea, he hath been delivered By the cleanness of thy hands.


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