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Job 35

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JOB 35:1 And Elihu answereth and saith: --

JOB 35:2 This hast thou reckoned for judgment: Thou hast said -- `My righteousness `is' more than God's?'

JOB 35:3 For thou sayest, `What doth it profit Thee! What do I profit from my sin?'

JOB 35:4 I return thee words, and thy friends with thee,

JOB 35:5 Behold attentively the heavens -- and see, And behold the clouds, They have been higher than thou.

JOB 35:6 If thou hast sinned, what dost thou against Him? And thy transgressions have been multiplied, What dost thou to Him?

JOB 35:7 If thou hast been righteous, What dost thou give to Him? Or what from thy hand doth He receive?

JOB 35:8 For a man like thyself `is' thy wickedness, And for a son of man thy righteousness.

JOB 35:9 Because of the multitude of oppressions They cause to cry out, They cry because of the arm of the mighty.

JOB 35:10 And none said, `Where `is' God my maker? Giving songs in the night,

JOB 35:11 Teaching us more than the beasts of the earth, Yea, than the fowl of the heavens He maketh us wiser.'

JOB 35:12 There they cry, and He doth not answer, Because of the pride of evil doers.

JOB 35:13 Surely vanity God doth not hear, And the Mighty doth not behold it.

JOB 35:14 Yea, though thou sayest thou dost not behold Him, Judgment `is' before Him, and stay for Him.

JOB 35:15 And, now, because there is not, He hath appointed His anger, And He hath not known in great extremity.

JOB 35:16 And Job `with' vanity doth open his mouth, Without knowledge words he multiplieth.


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